About Me

My life is all about being up in the mountains. I was a freestyler years ago. I felt that my place was deeper in the nature, far from the human-made features. So I bought my avalanche equipment and I became little by little a freeride skier. I’ve learned a lot from my freeride buddies in the Pyrenees, they’ve helped me so much to improve! Now I just have fun trying to ski as much as possible. These last years i’ve spend most of my time hiking for skiing, freeski mountaneering is my preferred activity. During my studies, I started reading snow science books and getting interested about snow and avalanches.  Nowadays I work as an engineer (PhD candidate) on mountain natural hazards  and protection research. The aim is to stay as close as possible to the playground … In my free time: climbing, slacklining, Mtb… I feel like a lucky guy for enjoying mountain and skiing that much and sharing these moments with awesome people.


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